Evidence animals, evidence maps, and rapid response services: a reflection on discussing different mechanisms for evidence use in South Africa

By Laurenz Langer   On 1st August, the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in South Africa hosted a 1-day event* to discuss mechanisms to support the use of evidence. Supported by the Africa Evidence Network, the Department brought together over 50 government decision-makers from nine departments including the Department of Public Service and [...]

What is the best way to deal with workplace conflict?

By ACE team Image credit: Experiential   What is the question we are thinking about? In the workplace, we often find ourselves navigating hierarchies of management, and interacting with other people. Undoubtedly, being a collaborator in the modern workplace is an essential skillset. At the same time, teams are not always created with cohesion in mind. [...]