How to get done when screening 150k studies? Experiences from the South African environmental evidence mega map

By Tanya Mdlalose and Metoh Azunui with support from Promise Nduku  When one reaches a milestone in a journey, it is important to reflect on the path taken so far, the joys, trials, and tribulations [...]

Follow the science: informing the BIG debate with the best available evidence

By Andile Madonsela and Laurenz Langer The South African government is considering implementing a Basic Income Grant (BIG) in the country. As in the fight against COVID-19, it is paramount that government is guided by [...]

Five years of ACEing it – how did it start, what does it mean, and where are we going?

By Aziza Modise with support from Natalie Tannous   I have witnessed the amazing contributions that the Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE) has made, both in South Africa and throughout the region. In 2020 I was part of the team [...]

Institutionalising Evidence-Based Policy-making in South Africa

This page highlights ACE's contribution to supporting the institutionalizing of evidence-based policy-making in South Africa. This effort is implemented in co-production with civil servants and government institutions, in particular the Department of Planning, Monitoring [...]


There has been an explosion of data and research on COVID-19 globally, with many entities involved in its production, collection and synthesis, albeit with duplication. For decision-makers, it is difficult to track what knowledge [...]

Addressing the need for timely and reliable evidence in the time of COVID-19

By Birte Snilstveit, Laurenz Langer, Tamara Lotfi  This blog was first published on 3ie's blog page, Evidence Matters. You can see the original post here.  We will be making all resources and updates related to this joint initiative on 3ie's website. The COVID-19 pandemic [...]

Matching stakeholder engagement methods to gaps in knowledge

Matching stakeholder engagement methods to gaps in knowledge NB ‘local’ may be interpreted within geographies, organisations, or communities Add guiding questions. (1) Framework 1: Making decisions: about what suits here and now Relevance of generalisable [...]

A Canadian health intern’s experience of the environmental policy-science interface in South Africa

Collaboration for Environmental Evidence - South Africa team (from left to right): Queen Elizabeth Scholar from McMaster University Natalie Tchakarian, Dr Carina van Rooyen (CEE Joburg co-director), Natalie Tannous & Likhwa Ncube. This [...]

The Evidence Synthesis Hackathon: a global community building technology for more rigorous, efficient, and just evidence synthesis

Coding the future: delegates of the third Evidence Synthesis Hackathon, Canberra, Australia. By Neal R Haddaway 1,2; Martin J Westgate 3; Carina van Rooyen 2; Witness Mapanga 4; Mandlenkosi Ngwenya 5; Christopher Penkin [...]

Land Reform in South Africa: What role does evidence play in righting a historical wrong?

By Promise Nduku, Likhwa Ncube, Harsha Dayal, Laurenz Langer (with work conducted by the DPME Research Unit and ACE Evidence Synthesis Team)   Few policy issues in South Africa are as controversial and emotive as [...]