If evidence-informed decision-making works in theory, why don’t we see institutionalisation of evidence use in practice?

By Laurenz Langer[1] The theory of evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) is beautiful, elegant, and convincing. But, while really helpful to guide thinking on EIDM, so far has proven rather unhelpful to guide the practice of using evidence, in particular its institutionalisation. I will offer here three key issues with the current theory of EIDM that I believe [...]

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How to produce evidence that’s useful – and used

By Laurenz Langer and Natalie Tannous The newly-launched Africa Centre for Evidence exists to encourage the production of policy-relevant research. Without deliberate effort, research may fail to meet decision-makers’ needs or simply gather dust on the shelves of university libraries.   A strong and capable state is central to the socio-economic development of any nation. [...]

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Africa Centre for Evidence Launch: Strengthening EIDM in Africa

By Mary Opondo, Researcher at the Africa Centre for Evidence The official launch of the Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE) took place at the University of Johannesburg, on 9th October 2017.  Despite the rain and thunderstorms, the guests strolled in with excitement at what the Centre had to offer with regards to promoting the use [...]