Start to finish: July 2018 – June 2019

Led by: Yvonne Erasmus, Sunet Jordaan, Ruth Stewart, Likhwa Ncube

Partners: N/A

Funder: The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Region of focus: Sub-Saharan African with a particular focus on East and West Africa

ACE themes: Supporting evidence communities

Description: ACE has been commissioned by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to conduct a scoping study on impact evaluation capacity in Africa. The goals of the project are to:

  • Understand the extent and nature of existing impact evaluation capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially East & West Africa, for both the production and use of impact evaluations. This will include individual, organisational and structural needs, barriers and facilitators.
  • Understand how impact evaluation capacity could be developed and what opportunities there are to do this, and by whom it should be developed.
  • Inform the impact evaluation field, which includes providing key players in Sub-Saharan Africa with useful information on opportunities to partner.
  • Determine to what extent think tanks are having effective demand and interest in taking up this type of work.

The project will consist of various steps such as a literature review, interviews with key stakeholders in the field, a desk review on impact evaluation training resources, an author search to identity published authors of impact evaluations, and an online survey with follow-up interviews.