Start to finish: 2017 – ongoing

UJ leads: Laurenz Langer with Ruth Stewart

Partners: This work has been in close partnership with Harsha Dayal from the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in South Africa, who has led the work. Further key partners from DPME included: John Kruger, Carin Van Zyl, Nollen Mdhlovu, and Malcolm Hartman; as well as support from DNA Economics.

Funder: Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME), South Africa

Region of focus: South Africa

ACE themes: Producing useful research evidence; Supporting others to produce useful research evidenceSupporting the use of research evidence in decision-makingBeing responsive to contexts and needs in Africa

Description: This evidence synthesis project built on the Human Settlement Evidence Map that we co-produced with DPME (insert link to DHS map). It aims to introduce the use of evidence synthesis methodology to develop concepts and models that decision-makers can apply. In South Africa, there is strong interest in the conceptual literature around the Developmental State and the Capable State. To this end, we applied different aspects of evidence synthesis methodology to construct as systematic and transparent overview and synthesis of the literature on the Developmental and Capable State. This overview developed 19 country case studies that outlined the policies and public interventions that countries have adopted as part of becoming Developmental States. These policies and interventions were supplemented with historical and secondary economic data. We then conducted a cross-country synthesis to understand the relevance of different policy configuration to the South African policy context.