We aim to nurture evidence communities, from broad open networks to smaller more focussed communities of practice. To achieve this, we foster collaboration among those engaged in or supporting evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM). We work to increase knowledge and understanding of evidence-informed decision-making, and we support the broader evidence ecosystem by advocating for evidence-informed decision-making in Africa. We also advocate for Africa’s full voice and participation in the national, regional, and global movements to increase evidence-informed decision-making.


With our physical location in South Africa, we support and foster collaborations with several colleagues in the country who strive to advance EIDM across local communities. We have two main communities that work with us to advance our goals; read more about them below.


As an integral cog in the larger wheel of the global EIDM arena, ACE hosts, supports, collaborates and learns from other networks globally. These range from environmental networks to evidence synthesis capacity-strengthening networks. You can read more about these below.