We engage in generating rigorous and relevant evidence syntheses. To this end, we produce ‘global- good’ evidence synthesis products that address questions of importance to decision-makers, populations, and civil society. Our evidence syntheses are responsive to the needs and contexts of African decision-makers and in-line with national and global development priorities. We also develop and refine technologies for evidence synthesis production that is suitable to African contexts.

Evidence map on research on violence against women and children (VAWC) in South Africa
Rapid response on the nature of land degradation for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs
Mapping the evidence on the use of mobile technology to support the training of community health workers
Mapping the environmental evidence base for South Africa’s Department for Environmental Affairs
Mapping the evidence on early-grade mathematics, teaching and learning in South Africa
Scoping review of models and methods of rapid response services to support evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM)
Synthesising the evidence on eHealth for HIV prevention, diagnosis and treatment for key populations
Developing an evidence portal on the National Spatial Development Framework (NSDF) in South Africa
Updating and developing the International Initiative of Impact Evaluation (3ie) database of systematic reviews
Mapping the evidence on research on innovation and inclusive industrialisation in South Africa
Collaborating with Partners for Evidence and Rapid Learning in Social Systems (PERLSS)
Land Reform Evidence Map
Development of a chapter on Evidence-Based Policy-Making in South Africa
Rapid evidence synthesis service with DEA (RESS project)
Synthesising the evidence on payment for ecosystem services with the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)
Reviewing the evidence on capable and developmental state
Ecosystem services and multi-dimensional poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa: Co-producing demand-led evidence syntheses to inform policy-making
Women in wage labour: A systematic review of the effectiveness and design features of interventions supporting women’s participation in wage labour in higher growth and/or male-dominated sectors in low- and middle-income countries
The South African government cross-departmental community of practice on evidence
Human settlements evidence map
Evidence map of research on the abuse of children with disabilities in East Africa