We undertake and support rigorous and relevant evidence syntheses. To this end, we conduct evidence synthesis that is responsive to the needs and contexts of African decision-makers. We also develop and refine technologies for evidence synthesis production that is suitable to African contexts. Our synthesis team also produces ‘global good’ evidence synthesis that address broader questions of importance to African populations. 


We have produced over 30 systematic reviews of research on development issues in Africa. These reviews apply a mixed-methods approach and we have conducted a range of quantitative (e.g. statistical meta-analysis) and qualitative (e.g. thematic synthesis) synthesis approaches.


We have pioneered the production and methodological development of evidence maps in the African context. This includes the co-production of a method for policy-relevant evidence mapping with the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in South Africa. We also maintain an open-access evidence mapping software.


We constantly aim to improve the responsiveness of evidence synthesis to decision-makers’ needs. This includes the development of rapid response services as pioneered by the African Centre for Evidence Synthesis and the exploration of new approaches and tools to embed evidence synthesis into policy decision-making.