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Literature on EBPM in SA

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Abrahams (2015) review of the growth of monitoring and evaluation in South Africa_Monitoring and evaluation as a profession, an industry and a governance tool

The Capacity-building resources










EBPM Resources

Appendix 1_Overview of research methods

Appendix 2_Examples of unintended consequences from social programmes

Appendix 3_Overview of strengths of the evidence assessments

Appendix 3_Overview of strengths of the evidence assessments

Appendix 4_Further EBPM capacity-building opportunities

Appendix 5_Sources of evidence

Appendix 6_Overview of Critical Appraisal Tools

Appendix 6_Example of Critical Appraisal tools

Case studies of EBPM

Case study_M1 Awareness of EBPM

Case study_M2 Agreement on evidence

Case study_M3 Access and communcation

Case study_M4 relationships and interactions

Case study_M5 Skills for EBPM

Case study_M6 Structures & processes