As the focus of the impact of COVID-19 shifts to addressing the economic effect of the pandemic, the Africa Centre for Evidence (ACE) and the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation’s (DPME) Research Unit undertook an exercise to develop a database of global SMME-related government policy responses. This database is a collation of SMME-related policy responses that governments worldwide have taken to address the difficulties of SMMEs amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read the SMME COVID-19 Policy Support Database Response Brief here.

The SMME COVID-19 Policy Support Database has been developed to achieve three purposes:

  1. To collate all SMME-related COVID-19 government policy responses taken by countries globally in a pre-organised and easy-to-use database,
  2. To advance a responsive platform from which decision-makers can rapidly draw analyses and inform policy design for the SMME sector, and
  3. To provide policy-makers with succinct and informative SMME policy benchmarks that are contextualised by country.

The database was developed through a widespread and rigorous search of existing sources of information and data on country policy responses to COVID-19. It is maintained by ACE and the Research Unit at DPME to inform further rapid evidence assessments to support agile policy-making in the context of COVID-19.

Access the SMME COVID-19 Policy Support Database here.

A joint evidence-informed decision-making effort by: