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Led by: Ruth Stewart
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In early 2016 we helped to create this informal group of senior government officials with an interest in evidence. We continued to play a role in the group in 2017. While the work was unfunded and the group was informal, it was an exciting opportunity to help to build this important evidence community.  formal developments in government taking forwards the since came to an end in 2017 due to further more important evidence community. The group’s meetings since came to an end in 2017 due to more formal developments in government taking forward shared evidence agenda.
Portfolio: Evidence communities

ACE provides the secretariat to the Africa Evidence Network (AEN). The AEN is a community of 2100 people who have an interest in evidence, its production, and use in decision-making in Africa. Members include researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers from universities, civil society, and government. Members are based in 42 African countries and 19 countries outside Africa. Highlights for the AEN in 2018 include the successful hosting of its Evidence 2018 conference and Evidence 2018 Online. The AEN also participated in conferences and events such as the Africa. Evidence-Informed Policy Forum, the International Data Conference, and the South African Science Forum. Through our webinar series we facilitated a number of discussions and debates with our members and the wider evidence community. In 2018 we formed our new Reference Group of representatives from across the Continent. In order to recognise the growth of innovation in evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) in Africa observed across the Network and supported by funding from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the AEN in 2018 established the first award for EIDM in Africa. The inaugural winner of Africa Evidence Leadership Award was Ms Velia Manyonga, the head of the research division at the Parliament of Malawi.